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History of
Fishers Island Yacht Club


In 2008, during the restructuring of Sailors Cove, Patrick and Fanci Leavitt formed the Fishers Island Yacht Club to promote and support sailing and yacht racing in Second Life. The Club’s motto, “All for the love of sailing,” reflected this.

They commissioned Drwyndwn Tyne, who had built much of Sailors Cove Township, to build a clubhouse at Anchor Cove. The design he chose was based on the Coronado Boathouse in San Diego. A Victorian edifice, it exudes nautical tradition. Opened in April 2008 and continually maintained and upgraded over the years, it still stands as one of the oldest buildings on the Blake Sea.

Although Patrick and Fanci served as the club’s first Commodores, they soon asked Epicurus Emmons to take over the role, announcing his tenure at the 2008 Fiz Cup.

New FIYC Clubhouse at Anchors Cove

At the time, Sailors Cove estates was not attached to the mainland, but an island of regions unto itself. The land was laid out with a good deal of sea room, allowing for sailing across the several regions. Four regions became seventeen and then thirty-two. The Estate was a success and Fishers Island Yacht Club was integral to that.


Along with the Shiftsratten Yacht Club, also located in the estate, racing and sailing were a primary focus of the locals. The Zinneman Big Cup Race, sailing the Z-40 Catamaran, was held in May 2008. The Trophy is still displayed in the clubhouse. Regular races in Takos, Beach Cats, and Fizzs were being held.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 1.03.26 PM.png

In June, Sailors Cove Estates and the FIYC joined the Hollywood Estates and Second Life New England, along with seven other smaller estate owners, to form the United Sailing Sims. This larger mass of fifty-nine regions provided an even more substantial area of open water surrounded by a variety of themed, residential areas.


Five active yacht clubs: Fishers Island Yacht Club, along with Starboards Yacht Club, Nantucket Yacht Club, Schiffsratten Yacht Club and Way Point Yacht Club, would now hold regular events, on the water and ashore. 


In July 2008 the Skutsjesilen races began. These Dutch boats were a favourite of Epi’s. In October of that year, the Spoondrift Race Line was installed and opened. It still exists today as one of the oldest lines on the grid.

Beginning in 2008, the USS was in negotiations with Linden Labs to form what is now the Blake Sea. The Commodores and Estate Owners of the United Sailing Sims would end up advising The Lab on sailing issues across the Grid, and in concert with them, in January 2009, set up and named the new Linden-owned area “Blake Sea” after the famous New Zealand yacht racer, sailor and explorer, Sir Peter Blake.


This 41 region area, along with a “spine” of regions often referred to as the Blake Channel, connect the United Sailing Sims to the mainland continents of Nautilus and Satori. Now, there were literally hundreds of regions available for sailing.


Fishers Island Yacht Club, along with Starboards Yacht Club, Nantucket Yacht Club, Schiffsratten Yacht Club and Way Point Yacht Club, would provide official “Race Directors” who would organise the day-to-day administration of life on the Blake Sea. These dedicated volunteers still operate, day in and day out, to make the Blake Sea area the dynamic, exciting place that exists today.


In September 2009, Epicurus Emmons stepped down as Commodore, due to health issues. He had set a true course for the club during his tenure, and Fanci was able to again take the reins. 


Fanci established new events, both racing, cruising and social. With JoyofRLC Acker at her side, regular racing, as well as the J-Class Regatta was organised. Our annual Fall Cruise was first run during under her leadership, along with the Poinsettia Ball, winter ice skating, the St Patrick’s Day Party and Halloween events. The Club also began its continued partnership with Relay for Life. 


In January 2010 the Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial replica by Ub Yifu was commissioned by Drwyndwn Tyne and erected on an island in Schooner Run, where it sits today. It was during this time that the clubhouse was moved across the channel to Clipper Bay, south of Schooner Run.


In March 2011, the One World Finals Cup was held in Sailors Cove. Shortly after this, Epicurus Emmons succumbed to cancer. His memorial service was widely attended and he has continued to be missed.


In February 2012, Kentrock Messmer became Commodore. He was at the helm for most of that year and well into 2013.

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