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Meet the Committee

The Flag Officers of the Fishers Island Yacht Club

Emileigh Starbrook

Fleet Captain

Responsible to the Vice-Commodore for the running and management of the Club’s sailing-side activities;

Emileigh Starbrook has been in Second Life for about 12 years and was an early sailor and boat builder before Havok 4. Discouraged by it she stopped sailing and turned to roleplay instead. In 2018 she decided to try again and loved it. She is back sailing and loves it, and after volunteering at a Race Director is now the FIYC Fleet Captain. 


In real life Emi was born in Canada and learned to sail on Rice Lake in Ontario. She has been a small and large boat sailor on both the US East and West coasts and has raced Transpac, LA to Ensenada and other long distance sailing races. Emi raced both Star Class in Olympic trials and crewed on America II when it was the practice boat for America III. Ask her about racing Sabots on Lake Tahoe.


Drwyndwn Tyne

Port Captain

Responsible to the Rear-Commodore for organizing and maintaining the buildings, furnishings, upper & lower hard,
the moorage and other bosunary items.

Drw entered Second Life in 2005 and is a Charter Member of FIYC. Working with Patrick and Fancy Leavitt, he constructed the club buildings and has maintained and upgraded them ever since. Mainly a cruiser, he has sailed far afield in a variety of yachts. A sailor from childhood in First Life, he’s crossed the Pacific Ocean in small craft and currently cruises off the east coast of New Zealand.

Drw Oct 2018 Square.jpg



The principle flag officer. The Commodore sets a direction
for the Club and is responsible for the organisation
and management of the Club


.Pat has been in Second Life for almost four years. He started sailing just after he arrived and found the FIYC about a year later.  He became an enthusiastic Race Director, then was made Fleet Captain and finally has taken up the post of Rear Commodore.  In first life, he was in the United States Navy for six years, serving on a Polaris Submarine for three of those.  Upon discharge, he became a Licensed Land Surveyor, and a semi-professional musician. 


JoyofRLC Acker


Responsible for the organisation and management of
sailing-side events and promotion of the Club.

Joy came to SL just over eleven years ago.  She got into SL sailing shortly after that, and then a chance encounter with Fanci Bebe and Patrick Leavitt led her to Sailors Cove and FIYC, which have been her home ever since.  


She loves big boats and longer races (when SL co-operates!).   When being the RD she sometimes likes to set "interesting" wind conditions from time to time (some people use other, saltier,  words to describe them).   She is also a keen scripter mostly on sailing related projects, including developing the Zephi/WWC wind for the Shields boat.


In RL she likes cruising with friends mostly in Lake Ontario with an occasional foray into the North Channel, Lake Huron and Lake Eerie. 


She is keen to foster friendly racing (which does not mean un-competitive!) in FIYC and is currently encouraging Fleet Captain Emi in broadening our event offerings.  Look for more innovations in the months ahead!

on vanya.png

Patrick Leavitt


Responsible for the organisation and management of

shore-side events and promotion of the Club.

Patrick joined Second Life December 2006. In his first weeks, he found sailing and his first friend Jane Fossett (an old salt in SL) taught him how to sail. "It was at the Nantucket Yacht Club that I learned. I was a total newbie too. It’s a testament to Jane’s patience that we managed it. I just love it now.. ​The SL sailing experience brought back fond memories of sailing on the San Francisco bay. I remember the first time I went sailing and my friend turned off the engine and hoisted the sails, I was hooked. That feeling of the wind hitting the sails the boat listing as it picked up speed with no sound but the water hitting the hull was simply magical."



Ladysmack Gears


Assists the Commodore and Port Captain with region-related issues and moorings..


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