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Our Facilities

The FIYC provides facilities throughout the Blake Sea area where you can Rez your boat to sail away or work on it. Our locations provide a host of social area to sit with friends, dance or party, listen to music or just while away the hours.

Sailors Rest

Our primary clubhouse

This is a great place to meet with people, relax and watch or participate in the many activities of the Blake Sea environs.


We're located just south of the popular Blake Sea Arabian start line and central to the 700+ regions of the greater

Blake Sea and Nautilus area.

FIYC SR_001.png


Our annex and venue in the Rainforest

Located in the heart of the most beautiful rainforest in Second life, just south of the Cooper Creek Wilderness.

This is a wonderful destination, as well as an active venue

for live music, dancing and parties.

FIYC Cerrado_001.png

Sailors Rest Boat Yard 

Public boat yard and yacht chandlers

Just to the south of the clubhouse is an area where you can work on your boat. On the hard, or afloat, you can modify or paint your vessel in a perfectly themed environment. 

There is also a small chandlery here where you can purchase a selection of paints and tools as well as choose

from a large selection of free gear.


Race Lines

We operate five race lines in the Blake Sea area

Blake Sea - Arabian


Blake Sea - Baltic


Blake Sea - Aegean


Plum Gut



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